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Binance is one of the best, most secure, most hacker resistant exchanges around at the time. Whether you’re familiar with binance already or are new to binance completely, it’s incredibly difficult to actually know what any of the coins on Binance actually do without looking it up yourself. If you’re day trading, this is especially important just in case you end up holding bags you might not want to be holding in the first place. To help combat this, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet for users that want to know where there money is going without all the tedious research and harmful external links or shills. I do NOT recommend using this list to pick long term investments, but if you just want to know what a certain coin is, this should be ridiculously helpful. Note: I will update this list as more and more coins are listed on Binance. This is a lot of work, bear with me.

Tip: Find the coin your looking for by pressing CTRL + F to search for it!

Ada- Cardano:

Open source, peer reviewed coin created to solve scalability, transaction per second, network bandwidth and storage capacity. Runs off of proof-of-stake.

Adx- AdEx:

Advertising network token. Allows you to advertise directly using the token without a middle man.

Ae- Aeternity:

Utilizes a hybrid proof-of-work and proof-of-stake system. Allows any data to be connected to smart contracts.

AGI- Singularity NET:

Decentralized AI network that makes AI solutions simpler and more affordable.

Aion- AION:

Allows user to customize blockchains using a multi tier network that is able to work with most other coins and token.

Amb- Ambrosus:

Supply chain coin allowing users to store information about their products on the blockchain.

Appc- AppCoins:

Advertising and app purchasing coin based on the ethereum network. Removed intermediaries  app purchases and advertising.

Ark- Ark:

Fork of Lisk. Makes creating your own blockchain easier. Utilizes delegated proof-of-stake.

Arn- Aeron:

Aims to help make the airline industry more safe and efficient by storing aviation data on a blockchain.

Ast- AirSwap:

Allows users to quickly trade one token for another on the AirSwap network.

Bat- Basic Attention Token:

Token used for advertising on the Brave browser. ERC20 token.

Bcc- Bitcoin Cash:

Fork of bitcoin with a larger block size. Some claim it to be the real bitcoin. Also listed as BCH on some other exchanges.

Bcd- Bitcoin Diamond:

Bitcoin fork attempting to solve transaction speed and fees. Website has little to no useful information.

Bcn- Bytecoin:

One of the first privacy coins, does not attach it’s wallets to its users. Uses proof-of-work. Asic resistant.

Bcpt- Block Mason Credit Protocol:

Credit system that verifies transactions between each user. Utilizes a double entry confirmation system. Great scaling capacity.

Blz- Bluzelle: 

Scalable decentralized database service.Users can be paid for renting their computers out as database storage.

Bnb- Binance Coin:

The coin used by the Binance exchange to decrease trading fees.

Bnt- Bancor:

Decentralized ERC20 coin trading network. A way to exchange tokens without actually putting money on an exchange.

Bqx- Ethos:

Universal wallet for cryptocurrencies that provides smart keys so users don’t need a ton of different keys. Also allows users to rate tokens.

Brd- Bread:

Decentralized bank/ wallet that allows users to have full control over their own money. Doesn’t require personal information, better customer service than most projects.

Btg- Bitcoin Gold:

Fork of Bitcoin that is asic resistant. Originally was proposed as a solution to decentralize bitcoin.

Bts- Bitshares:

Smart contract platform with scalability solutions. Uses delegated proof-of-stake system.

Cdt- Blox:

Mobile app that tracks your portfolio. You can sync your wallet to an exchange or add things manually. *** not sure why you would need a token for this.

Chat- ChatCoin:

Peer to peer social media and chat platform. Tokens used to exchange between users for usage and incentives for using the platform.

Cloak- CloakCoin:

Privacy coin, uses the off blockchain mixing service Enigma to cover its tracks. Uses proof of Stake. First blockchain project to be audited by NASDAQ.

Cmt- CyberMiles:

Blockchain based smart contract platform optimized for online business and the ability to get loans from other users.

Cnd- Cindicator:

Platform that allows you to monetize your personal intelligence and knowledge. Currently is more or less a crypto trading bot.

CVC- Civic:

Secure Identity platform that stores your identity credentials on the blockchain.

Dash- Dash:

Privacy coin, peer-to-peer network that incentivises users for use. Instantaneous transactions.

Data- Streamr DATAcoin:

Blockchain based data market place that allows users to buy and sell information about their personal products using the token.

Dent- Dent:

Platform that allows users to buy and sell their mobile data using the token on their platform.

Dgd- DigixDAO:

ERC20 token that is backed by gold.

Dlt- Agrello:

AI smart contracts that are legally binded that can be amended and renegotiated for legal purposes.

Dnt- DistrictOx:

A blockchain based on districts that are compartmentalized to their own specific skill sets. It uses ethereum for smart contracts, aragon for voting, and ipfs for file storage. Allows plugins.

Edo- Eidoo:

Multi-currency wallet and hybrid decentralized exchange. Helps other companies set up ICO’s as well.

Elf- Aelf:

Scalable, decentralized communication network. Cross chain platform that incorporates multiple side chains into one platform.

Eng- Enigma:

Privacy solution platform that allows other blockchain protocols to implement a privacy layer to their coins.

Enj- EnjinCoin:

Digital asset coin that is integrated into gaming platforms to trade items and services in game

Eos- EOS:

Scaling, open source blockchain platform.

Etc- Ethereum Classic:

The original ethereum, some say it’s a more decentralized ethereum.

Eth- Ethereum:

Smart contract network, allows users to program ERC tokens with multiple use cases.

Evx- Everex:

Allows users to transfer, borrow or exchange any type of fiat currency.

Fuel- EtherParty:

Platform aiming to make smart contracts more user friendly and adding multiple functions for use.

Fun- FunFair:

Transparent blockchain based gambling token that gives the players the control of their own funds.

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