Binance Users Guide Q-Z

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QKC- QuarkChain:

Permissionless, shardable, scalable two layered blockchain platform.

Qlc- QLink:

Peer-to-peer decentralized cellular and wifi hotspot service that allows users to rent out their wifi or cell services to other users.

Qsp- Quantstamp:

Protocol that audits and secures smart contract that are paid for in QSP tokens.

Qtum- Qtum:

Combines the best features of both Bitcoin and Etherium. Places smart contracts on the bitcoin software.

Rcn- Ripio Credit Network:

Blockchain based credit network, exchange, and lending platform.

Rdn- Raiden Network Token:

Allows for scalable transactions off chain that are cheap, fast and private.

Rep- Augur:

Prediction platform that rewards users for predicting the right outcome of events.

Req- Request Network:

A decentralized network for payment requests. Enables real time accounting and auditing.

Rlc- IExecRLC:

A decentralized cloud computing platform and marketplace.

Rpx- Red Pulse:

Neo ICO, proof-of-stake token used for research funding.

Salt- SALT:

Blockchain based lending platform.

SC- Siacoin:

Cloud storage blockchain platform.

SKY- Skycoin:

Blockchain platform that integrates proof-of-work with proof-of-stake into a scalable and easily mineable cryptocurrency.

Sngls- Singular DTV:

Blockchain project entertainment studio. Decentralized content creation platform.

Snm- SONM:

Decentralized cloud computing platform.

Snt- Status:

Application that interchanges crypto payments seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Steem- Steem:

Blockchain created for social media platforms. Mainly used with sites like steemit, dlive, dtube and daudio.

Storj- Storj:

Decentralized cloud storage platform.

Storm- Storm:

Micro task platform that pays users in the token to do simple tasks on smartphones.

Strat- Stratis:

A simple decentralized solution to allowing users the ability to create their own blockchain.

Sub- Substrantum:

Decentralized web hosting service.

Sys- Syscoin:

Decentralized network that allows users to make market transactions similar to ebay or amazon.

Theta- Theta Token:

A bandwidth sharing platform that allows users to earn tokens by tapping into their extra bandwidth to allow for better user experience for those on the platform.

Tnb- Time New Bank:

A “precision time value transmission platform”. A time commodity exchange that allows users to stake their time for coins.

Tnt- Tierion:

A blockchain platform that verifies and stores data by providing multiple different auditing and receipt services.

Trig- Triggers:

Blockchain based firearm network that stores weapon information of the users to track gun ownership and usage.

Trx- Tron:

Decentralized entertainment platform that rewards it’s content creators with the tokens.


Allows any asset to be tokenized and tied (roughly) to the US dollar.

USDT- Tether:

Tied to the US Dollar, stable. Used to keep your money safe when the market takes a turn.

Ven- VeChain:

Decentralized enterprise app platform that allows users to store information of goods on the blockchain.

Via- Viacoin:

Super fast script version of bitcoin that offers a blockchain notary service.

Vib- Viberate:

Music creation and promotion platform that rewards users with the token.

Vibe- VIBE:

Augmented reality marketplace hub that allows users to make purchases in VR.

Wabi- WaBi:

Chinese business to consumer blockchain database that aims to curb counterfeit and allows users to scan products to find out all information available on the products that are stored on the blockchain.

Wan- Wanchain:

Distributed financial infrastructure that allows the exchange of interconnected access across multiple blockchain platforms.

Waves- Waves:

A quick way to create tokens for multiple use cases and commodities.

Wings- Wings:

A blockchain network that allows users to crowd source funding for their projects.

Wpr- WePower:

Renewable energy economy that allows users to store, use and purchase energy from other users on the network.

Wtc- Walton:

Internet of things blockchain network that stores information on products using RFID chip technology.

Xem- NEM:

“Plug and Play” blockchain platform that uses basic computing language to integrate blockchain solutions into new projects.

Xlm- Stellar:

Fork of ripple, more or less a decentralized version of ripple. Allows fast transaction speeds with little to no fees.

Xmr- Monero:

Privacy coin, so far the most popular and widely used.

Xrp- Ripple:

Cross border payment solution for banks. Allows banks to send large payments immediately from one to another.

Xvg- Verge:

Privacy Coin, fork of doge coin.

Xzc- Zcoin:

Privacy coin that uses zero knowledge proof to burn old coins to to make new ones immediately after.

Yoyo- YOYOW:

Social media platform that uses the token for incentives to use the platform, also used for advertising purposes on the platform.

Zec- Zcash:

Privacy coin that uses proof-of-construction to encrypt coin data.

Zen- ZenCash:

Anonymous blockchain platform for money, media and messaging.

Zil- Zilliqa:

Scalable blockchain that increases the throughput as the network expands and uses sharding technology to organize the decentralized network.

Zrx- 0x:

Open public infrastructure that allows users to exchange tokens between each other quickly and at a cheaper cost.


I hope this has been helpful for you! Please make sure to do your own research and make your own decisions when trading and never invest more than you can afford to lose! Be safe and stay informed.

As always, go long and prosper.

-Satoshi Spockamoto

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