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      Want a place to trade a plethora of hot “alt-coins”?               Binance is for you!

Binance is the hot new exchange for traders in the crypto space. With constant additions of new coins and some of the highest liquidity on an exchange, many have switched to Binance as their primary trading platform from others such as Bittrex and Poloniex. With a total of 312 coin pairings to be traded,  including community favorites such as Icon, Stellar Lumens, and Storm, this exchange is perfect for almost every user.

Fees on Binance are .1% per trade, but, this trading fee reduces by 50% when you hold and use BNB for your fees. BNB can be purchased within the exchange and when the option is turned on, each trade will only cost you a .05% trading fee.

Binance is constantly responding to the community with updates to security and a new coins listing almost every week. it is one of our favorites to use on a consistent basis at Trade Like A Whale.