Common Terminology

Common Cryptocurrency Terminology

Whale- A person in a market with a direct impact on price movement and a large market share

FIAT- Government Currency: USD, Euro, etc

Long- The idea/betting on that the market and prices will go up

Short- The idea/betting on that the market and prices will go down

Bull- Market is moving positively

Bear- Market is moving negatively

ATH- Price of a coin/token is at a higher price than ever before

Altcoin- Any cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency

Token- A cryptocurrency that does not act as a spending tool, but instead acts similarly to a stock, representing a stake in the invested company.

ICO- Initial Coin Offering; Tokens built usually built upon the ERC-20 smart contract platform which provides startups capital in exchange for tokens that are given to investors

FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out

FUD- Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

TA- Technical Analysis done to predict the future outlook on price movements for different coins/tokens

Market Cap- Found by multiplying the total supply of a token/coin by the current price. This represents the total market value of any cryptocurrency.