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Block chain can be visualized as a train. Every cart is connected and continues to the same destination. With time those trains become faster, more durable, and efficient. In the world of cryptocurrency, EOS is at the forefront of such innovation by producing lightning fast technology. Their goal is to develop a decentralized ecosystem. Their system focuses on high speed network protocol that surpasses any other blockchain. EOS initiated their roadmap after their token sale in June of 2017. Their first step is to launch EOS as an ERC-20 Token. The roadmap eventually dates to the EOS.IO launch in June of 2018. This will give way to the launch of their own platform and testnet.

Speed, efficiency, reliability, and cost efficiency is the essence of EOS. EOS aims to be the next generation smart contract platform that delivers the highest performance. In addition, EOS plans to improve private and public institutions through an open source and decentralized method. One way EOS is working to make this a reality is by implementing BYZ-DPOS (Byzantine Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm) to create a system that produces a fast, secure, and reliable blockchain. A typical up to date blockchain averages 300 millisecond block transfer from node to node. EOS aims to produce the same node transfer in 80 milliseconds.

The EOS project is currently owned and produced by block.one, a company that is producing decentralized software for community usage. Daniel Larimer, the head of the EOS project previously created the crypto platform Bitshares, Co-founded the social blockchain Steemit, and created DPOS.

EOS is a high performance coin that has made its footprint in the crypto market. Their road map is current and steadily updated. The coin itself is widely known, and available in most well-known exchanges. The investment goal of this token is to be part of a decentralized system that can use the currency in fast, safe, and efficient transactions.

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