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Starting in 2010 I began my venture into trading. With over 10,000 Chart Hours through today, my hobby turned into an obsession. diving into the realm of Options, Forex, Indices, and Crypto I spent a majority of my money and time looking to learn from the best. I started off going to websites and looking on the internet, ultimately finding every indicator and strategy to get that “edge.” Through trial and error, I was able to find a mentor that taught me the in’s and out’s of the market. How the Big Players make money, and how they take it from the unsuspected masses. I learned three key principles to being successful -while- keeping it as simple as possible. Trading Style is just one very small factor into being successful, one must be a Psychological Warrior and an Conservative Money Manager. Skill set can only be maximized if you can do these things well.

My goal is to teach you how to preserve your money while maximizing gains with minimal risk exposure. by learning how to pick your opportunites before they present themselves and reacting. By understanding the game, how they take your money, and the traps that they run on a consistent basis, I aim to make each and every one below me successful. Trading is a dedicated sport, you must aim to be 100% over the rest in hopes to fall short at the top. Dedication, Time, and Hunger must be applied with no short sights of the end of the tunnel.
No matter the asset, the charts are the same, you will begin your journey with a handful of puzzle pieces that must be put together to build image, at this point you will have the “ahah” moment and you will begin to encusp the vision of tieing it all together.

I take great honor from the dozens of individuals I have mentored these last few years, especially in Crypto, getting individuals out of negative positions and saving investors multiple five and six figures investments from going sour, passing down the most valuable asset I have gained in my life of trading, knowledge.

Trading Strategy and What You Will Learn:

Market Maker Traps

Market Maker Psychology

Money Management

Portfolio Management

Stop Losses and How To Make Money Off Them


Trade Style and Time Frames

Price Action


Disclaimer: Trade Like a Whale LLC (the “Company”) is not a financial advisor and does not provide any financial advice. Any information on any website, call, social media post, or other statement associated with the Company (a “Company Statement”) is for informational purposes only. Company Statements should not be considered legal or financial advice. Recipients of Company Statements [call them Clients? Readers?] should consult with a financial professional to determine a proper investment strategy in connection with any investment in cryptocurrencies, including whether the risk profile of such an investment is appropriate for such person. Any Company Statements, including without limitation calls about future market movements within the cryptocurreny markets analyzed by the Company, made through the provision of the Company’s services are not guarantees, thus, no one should make any investment decision based solely on such Company Statements without first consulting their own financial adviser and conducting their own independent research. The Company does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained in the analyses conducted by the Company or any Company Statement made in connection therewith, and the Company shall not have any liability for any representations (express or implied) contained in, or for any omissions from, any Company Statement or any other written or oral communications transmitted to the [Client] in connection with accessing Company Statements.
Company Statements may include certain statements and estimates provided by the Company with respect to the anticipated future performance of various cryptocurrency markets, including “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements can generally be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology including “may,” “believe,” “will,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “continue”, “rankings” or other similar words. All statements other than statements of historical fact in the Company Statements are forward-looking statements and include assumptions, estimates and statements relating to: anticipated results of conclusions and projections about current and future economic and political trends and conditions; and projected developments and movements in cryptocurrency and other markets. Such assumptions, estimates and statements may prove to be incorrect. The Company makes no representations or warranties (express or implied) about the accuracy of such statements and estimates. Any representations concerning the Company or the conditions or developments in any cryptocurrency or other markets will be made only by the Company in a definitive agreement documenting a transaction between the Company and any prospective party. Readers are cautioned that actual results of the predictions referenced in the Company Statements could differ materially from forward-looking statements; and readers of the Company Statements are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.


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