The Most Controversial Coin Ever? Tron Review

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Tron “TRX” Review – The Decentralized Internet


If you’ve been in this space even as little as just a few weeks, you have probably heard talk about Tron just as much as you have about Bitcoin. But half of what you have heard is probably negative, or what we like to call in this space “FUD” which stands for fear, unrest, and doubt. Let me take a minute to tell you my opinion on the matter with key facts, and the reason Tron is such a controversial topic.


The issue with how the internet is currently, is that it’s controlled by centralized infrastructure. Which means you are limited to what you can create and are restricted in many ways on what you what you can do. It also means you are limited to what you can see, for countries like China, they know this all to well. Everyone has a right to what they want to see and equally as important, a right to their own privacy. If you follow the news, you have more then likely heard about the mishap with Facebook where millions of users private data was stolen to effect recent elections. It’s instances like these that make us realize change is needed, but Facebook is far from the first company to bear this burden. Now that’s not to say that data on a decentralized internet would not be at risk for the same type of attacks, security risk will always be a factor in life no matter what, but it’s defiantly a start.

Tron is looking to create the first ever decentralized internet, but they will have to beat companies like Substratum to it if they want that title, which already has a working model. But just because you’re first doesn’t mean you’re the best or that you will be the industry leader, just take Myspace and Facebook, or Ask Jeeves and Google for example. Trons mainnet is set to launch May 31st, less than a month away, and they actually have a countdown on their website. Something you don’t see too often from such a new and underdeveloped industry, residing from the looming fears of a release date extension as being all too common practice. Needless to say they are confident in their team and progress, rightfully so.

Trons team and partnerships is unmatched in the cryptocurrency space. It seems like every week Justin Sun, the founder and CEO, is live streaming partnership announcements. And while we are on the subject of Justin Sun, we should probably talk a little bit about him. He has made the Forbes 30 under 30 list, in 2015, 2017, and again this year, which is no small feat to say the least. Many people have compared him to the next Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. As amazing and capable as Justin Sun is, it goes without saying that he needs a PR. Most CEO’s of successful businesses don’t do low quality live streams from their houses and go on about information that has no meaning multiple times a month. And the price action of the TRX coin every time he does this, and fails to provide valuable information, reflects that. It also goes to show you just how speculative of a market this really is.

Tron has seen a considerable amount of backlash from the cryptocurrency community with a hurl of skepticism of plagiarizing their white paper. The English version of the white paper reveals several pages as being an all too identical match to those of FileCoin and IPFS. As you can see below in the side by side comparison of Trons white paper and that of IPFS, they even went so far as to copy exact lines of code.

Shortly after this debacle, both the Enlgish and Chinese white paper were removed from the website. Not necessarily a good look, but something that had to be done, especially for review. However in light of the circumstances Justin Sun was quick to respond to relieve a little bit  of the tension with the following tweet; “Our original version of the whitepaper is in Chinese and we have a very detailed reference to the latest Chinese version. The English, Korea, Japanese and Spanish versions are translated by the volunteers. The translation missed numerous important details not just reference.” I do believe Tron to be a legit and more than worthy upcoming business, I just think they got a little too ahead of their selves. It seems obvious they did not put much effort into writing their whitepaper, for reasons that only they know. But from this side of the community, that reason seems to be that they were more focused on other aspects of the company and project, like live streaming partnerships. All businesses’ will make mistakes though, and in an industry as young and speculative as this one, these kinds of misfortunes are magnified ten fold, as well they should be. So it’s always good to do your own research, take a delve into the issues at hand, but try to look at both sides with an unbiased opinion. However this isn’t the only FUD that Tron has been under fire for, but for a company as new as they are, to make it to the #6 spot on the top charts, without having much of a working product to warrant such a feat, is something we can’t just ignore.

But what has made Tron and Justin Sun so famous? Worthy of making it into that top 10 coin list without even having a working model?  Why are they leagues ahead of companies who already have one like Substratum? The answer to that has a lot to do with marketing. Mr. Sun is no idiot to say the least, his track record of previous businesses’ and accomplishments reflect that. He knows all to well that this market is speculative, and he knows that the more he gets out there, whether that’s good publicity or bad, it will get people talking. One of the most powerful marking tools is by word of mouth, that’s why you see more referral programs than ever before. Tron has a team unrivaled in this industry, having acquired many people from the Chinese tech industry giant Alibaba, they have more then what it takes to lead them all the way. Their prestigious partnerships echo that, recently adding Baofeng to that list, with rumors of Alibaba itself. Big companies are seeing the value and potential in Tron, and they are wanting to get a piece of it, as are we. In early 2018 Tron also announced they were opening up offices in San Francisco with a picture of the actual signed government document posted on their Twitter. A definite step in the right direction for any company to also be stateside.

But… good news or bad news, one thing for sure can be said about Tron.. expect to be hearing about them in the upcoming months.



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