Odyssey: A journey to become a “Supercoin”

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Name – Odyssey
Coin – O Coin
Symbol – OCN
Exchanges – GateIO Hubbi Kucoin
Notable partnerships – OBIKE TRON

Hello and welcome to TLAW

Lets get into one of the most exciting projects out right now. This coin can do so much that it’s hard to cover it all so as always do your own research. Odyssey is all about peer to peer sharing, which really means Odyssey believes one day owning something like a car and boat will be a luxury. Instead we will rent or share these things as needed. We are already seeing this happen with cars and bikes. Soon Odyssey thinks you may not even have to own a lawn mower, just pay your neighbor a few O coins to rent for the afternoon. You can really plug in O coin to any market and make it work. The big question is, will people adopt it and use it? Maybe they will, OCN is already in use with OBIKE who has 10 million users in 20 countries.  Also, TRON is already a main partner to OCN and you can now swap O Coins for TRON to use on the TRON main net

Odyssey uses a very complex ecosystem that has a lot of parts. This is how it works according to the Odyssey website;


O coin is really ambitious with it’s plans to be a super coin that can do it all, but it is going to take a huge movement for these plans to all work out. But hey, even the team knows they have a lot ahead of them, in the white paper they compare the challenge to the story “The Odyssey” attributed to Homer, where the great Greek God Odysseus faces many challenges on his journey back home. Much like Odysseus journey, O coins journey to become the one and only crypto has many challenges but they have team to back it up, and great advisors such as the two bad boys of Chinese tech Mr. Yi Shi and Mr. Justin Sun. Some may say that everyone with Justin Suns phone number adds him as an advisor but, I think he may be more than just an advisor here due to the ease in which you are able to swap O Coins for Tron already.

Right now OCN is on the Ethereum blockchain but has plans to move to its own blockchain soon according to Sophie Guan who is the projects lead. Her quote about the OCN Chain: “today’s announcement shows the dedication and commitment we have to the community. This revolutionary protocol advancement, built with the future of scalability and connectivity in mind, will be a game changer in blockchain for years to come. We look forward to showcasing our team’s technical accomplishments, and progress, as we continue to exceed expectations of Odyssey’s vision for the future decentralized sharing economy.” OCN also has plans to help companies streamline easily onto the blockchain, but that’s not all they do. They use a combination of smart contracts, plus A.I. and Big Data to make the ecosystem smart, scalable, fast and inexpensive all on its own.

We are all looking for the next big thing and this plan could be it or it could fail. In this early of a stage you just don’t know but, Odyssey has a good head start in the market though. Being that it is still so early in the game, and has such a head start, OCN may be able to fight off new coins and projects that claim to be better. Since the ecosystem can grow it should have no problem over coming new challenges it may face. Now with the OCN Chain and OCPay being added you will be able to do even more with OCN. OCPay is Odyssey’s official payment and asset management solution. It will use a new token (OCP) that will be distributed via air drop and it will be used in the Odyssey ecosystem. It also allows you to be able to have cross platform interoperability with other tokens which is very cool.

Did someone say air drop? Yes! OCN does have a planned air drop of OCP tokens. The air drop is scheduled for 11.11.2018 (see update below) and will require you to have at least 5000 O Coins (OCN) to qualify. It is not replacing OCN, OCN will entitle all token holders with voting rights such as super nodes election. OCP tokens will be used to pay for services in the OCN ecosystem and OCN Chain.

So lets wrap this up with a little FA. Rumors are flying that OCN may be added to bigger exchanges sooner than later, with Binance being the big name I keep seeing in the Odyssey Telegram. With almost 50K subs already, they are mostly all very positive on the future of OCN. With rumors though, I never believe it until their twitter says it for longer than 20 minutes lol.  We don’t want that sorry “our twitter was hacked” excuse to kill your portfolio. With all the good rumors, O Coin soared from 117 sats on 4-21 to 487 sats on 5-13 with 220 sats looking like the next big support, so lets hope it holds above there or we could see under 200 again. In my opinion it’s a great buy anywhere under 280 sats. I think the risk is very low in this trade right now, with huge long term rewards as a potential. But go get on an exchange and check it out yourself, do your homework, and have fun trading! Until next time remember, never fomo, follow your own rules, and always take profits along the way.

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Air drop update – https://twitter.com/yishi888/status/995684268767522816 Appartently after annoucing the air drop date, the community spoke and the OCP air drop will happen in the next couple weeks.

Source & Website
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Website & Applications


Marketing & Reach


Track Record & Progress



  • Strong team
  • TRON partnership
  • OBIKE partnership
  • cross platform interoperability


  • lots of competition
  • not on any major exchanges
  • no wallet (should be coming soon)

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